SASL 3.0.3 

  • Fixed showing interactive areas after project reload
  • Remade button to Show ID (Commercial Version)
  • Fixed HWID generation fail on some machines (Commercial Version)

SASL 3.0.2 

  • Add message about new SASL version availability on every tab of SASL Developer Widget
  • Add global Lua variable which can be used to highlight interactive areas in case of "Show Clickable Areas In Cockpit" X-Plane option enabled
  • Fixed component's dimensions inheritance from main component 
  • Added order changing for low level SASL windows in reaction to handled click event

SASL 3.0.1 

  • Fixed bug with mouse tracking in case of Scenery Project outside of scenery project bounds

SASL 3.0.0 (FiNAL)

  • Made <Execute Command> button generate commands calls with different stages, based on mouse button state  
  • Fixed hiding cursor for panel components when corresponding option is selected
  • Fixed global option to use 2d panel setup 
  • Fixed bug with getting size of array property
  • Fixed startup crash on Windows in some cases (Commercial version)

SASL 3.0.0-rc4

  • Fix commands execution via Commands Tab in SASL Widget
  • Add functions to draw wide Bezier lines:
  • A couple of fixes for poly-lines and convex polygons drawing
  • Text positioning more smooth now
  • Fixed a few bugs in arcs drawing (there was a huge bug causing hundreds unnecessary vertices on every call)
  • Logging on loading now more laconic
  • Added new options for popups, which will adapt popups after XP Window resize
  • Fixed text outline positioning
  • Removed legacy unnecessary bitwise operations functions (<bitand>, <bitor>, <bitxor>)
    Use <bit> package functional supplied with LuaJIT.
  • Fixed generating mouse hold events for right and middle mouse buttons
  • Added global reload SASL commands which will reload all available SASL instances
  • Add Lua function to load .OBJ objects asynchronously


SASL 2.5.0:

  • Switched to static runtime. C++ Redist is no more required.
  • <Next> and <Back> buttons now disabled in activation dialog after successful activation (Commercial version)
  • Implemented new security (Commercial version)   

Legacy versions



Docs and Manuals:

Download SASL v3 manual 

Download SASL v2 manual

Download SASL v2.x changelog

Lua 5.1 Reference Manual



See SASL Discussion Forum for more information, tutorials and discuss with other designers.