Download SASL-v3.4.2
(X-Plane 11, 64 bit only)

Download SASL-v3.2.7
(X-Plane 10-11, 64 bit only)

SASL 3.4.2 (XP11.20+ support)

  • Added way to invert masking logic on <drawUnderMask> call
  • Fixed global key handlers - now there's additional argument which identifies the event

SASL 3.4.1 (XP11.20+ support)

  • Improved custom datarefs export to DRE and to Datarefs Tree in Widget - now the export is correct even if dataref is created after initial project loading
  • Improved work with render targets - now rendering in texture is possible not only in <draw> callbacks
  • Improved type casts messages for datarefs lookup - now they're mandatory DEBUG level messages
  • Improved datarefs lookup and creation speed
  • Improved texture minification filtering - using mipmaps
  • Improved images loading - supporting more formats and specifications
  • Fixed <> function presence
  • Fixed resetting current logging level after project reboot
  • Fixed broken sound system on some Linux distributions
  • Fixed crash on project reboot when Functional Properties in use

SASL 3.4.0 (XP11.20+ support)

  • Fixed a few issues with <noResize> and <noMove> options for <contextWindow>
  • Remade proportional resizing in <contextWindow>
  • Added ability to configure custom window header - <customDecore> option for <contextWindow>
  • Added ability to change parameters (movable, resizable, proportional) for <contextWindow> on the fly
  • <contextWindow> now saves its previous position on modes changing (pop-out, free, etc)
  • Fixed a bug with 3D panel clicks introduces in 3.3.0 version

SASL 3.3.3 (XP11.20+ support)

  • Fixed various issues with unnecessary re-activation requests (Commercial Version)
  • Fixed <drawMaskStart> function

SASL 3.3.2 (XP11.20+ support)

  • Fixed cache for interpolators objects
  • Fixed graphics artifacts in SASL Developer widget title

SASL 3.3.1 (XP11.20+ support)

  • Fixed various issues with unnecessary re-activation requests (Commercial Version)
  • Fixed activation dialog appearance on some multi-monitor setups (Commercial Version)
  • Dump problematic path in case of <listFiles> function fails
  • Fixed huge FPS drop in case of Context Windows usage in VR

SASL 3.3.0 (XP11.20+ support)

  • Removed XP10 support
  • Add support for XP11 features (multi-monitors, OS pop-out windows, VR support etc)
  • Add support for using SVG format
  • Updated warnings and errors dumping
  • Updated SASL Developer Widget to support multi-monitors and OS pop-out mode
  • Improved DRM functionality to avoid unnecessary activations requests (Commercial Version)

SASL 3.2.7

  • Fix various issues with unnecessary re-activation requests (Commercial Version)

SASL 3.2.6

  • Fix various issues with unnecessary re-activation requests (Commercial Version)

SASL 3.2.5

  • Improved DRM regarding unnecessary activations requests (Commercial Version)
  • Fixed issue with huge project reboot time in case of DRE windows presence
  • Fixed <hideOSCursor> option for components on 3D panel
  • Added <setRenderTextPixelAligned> function to set pixel accurate text rendering mode
  • Added info about warnings and errors log entries count (since Reboot) into Developer Widget
  • Add ability to use alpha texture as mask between <drawMaskStart> and <drawUnderMask> calls
  • Fixed <fbo> option for components
  • Added new function for setting Lua stacktrace limit used in case of Warnings and Errors
  • Fixed <unloadImage> function absence
  • Added default mouse wheel handler for popups (now they're not transparent for mouse wheel action)
  • Fixed error logging in case of resources lookup fail
  • Returned ability to specify <position> for component as function
  • Fixed some SASL virtual keys constants values
  • Fixed hard crash in case of some graphics resources lookup fail during draw routines call

SASL 3.2.4

  • Fixed SASL project reloading command in case if <startDisabled> option is used
  • Fixed minimal Mac OS version support: 10.11 is minimum supported now

SASL 3.2.3

  • Fixed interactions with some specific plugins

SASL 3.2.2

  • Fixed sound system device issue on Mac OS

SASL 3.2.1

  • Fixed fatal bug in DRM (Commercial Version)

SASL 3.2.0

  • Use different user instructions and interface during activation for different project types (Commercial Version)
  • Fixed floating bug with crash after initial product activation (Commercial Version)
  • Updated DRM system and fixed some issues with unnecessary activation requests on user side (Commercial Version)
  • Updated ecnryption mechanism (Commercial Version) 
  • Use new dependencies system, all 3rd-party libraries updated to most fresh stable versions
  • Fixed symlinks handling on Linux and Mac during <listFiles> call
  • Fixed drawing wide poly-line with 2 nodes
  • Functions from <> namespace returns error messages in case of errors
  • Fixed SASL widget appearing if the previous position was out-of-the-screen
  • Improved usability of tree node selectors (+/-) in SASL widget
  • Fixed wrong cursor appearing on buttons in SASL widgets system
  • Click on SASL Widget brings it in front of all other widgets
  • Fixed tracking mouse buttons with enabled OS options to swap left and right mouse buttons
  • Added defined Lua constants for key codes and virtual key codes
  • Push empty Lua table instead of <nil> in case of internal errors in <listFiles> function
  • Fixed bug in external string datarefs writing (incorrect null-termination)
  • Added functional to disable specific parts of SASL engine
  • Fixed little bug in cashing inside SASL logger
  • Use single low-level phase for all 3D drawings
  • Remade Telemetry page in SASL Widget
  • Added Lua interface for managing X-Plane Hot Keys
  • Added <setLuaErrorsHandling> function to control Lua errors handling modes (keep VM processing or stop until reload)
  • Turned some warnings messages all over the functional into errors messages
  • Reworked Lua logging system using Lua stacktraces on errors and warnings
  • Added check for using <set> on non-property types
  • Fixed crash occured when menu handler is not attached to the menu item
  • Fixed a few little bugs in Menus functional

SASL 3.1.2

  • Added Lua interface for minimal, simple and synchronous file downloading

SASL 3.1.1 

  • Fixed option for starting SASL project in Disabled mode through configuration file
  • Fixed handling errors on calling <onModuleDone> project functions
  • Added project options for using advanced rendering on Aircraft Panel
  • Fixed interpolation helpers

SASL 3.0.4 

  • Made activation process more verbose, more errors will be shown and described (Commercial Version)
  • Changed definitions of some graphics-related constants to be platform-independent
  • Added more blending constants for consistence
  • Fixed aircraft panel drawing in case of multi-pass panel rendering (we now drawing only in Emissive stage)
  • Fixed registering multiple command handlers for same command ID in the same phase
  • Fixed holding OS-specific resources after plugin stop (Commercial Version, Windows)

SASL 3.0.3 

  • Fixed showing interactive areas after project reload
  • Remade button to Show ID (Commercial Version)
  • Fixed HWID generation fail on some machines (Commercial Version)

SASL 3.0.2 

  • Add message about new SASL version availability on every tab of SASL Developer Widget
  • Add global Lua variable which can be used to highlight interactive areas in case of "Show Clickable Areas In Cockpit" X-Plane option enabled
  • Fixed component's dimensions inheritance from main component 
  • Added order changing for low level SASL windows in reaction to handled click event

SASL 3.0.1 

  • Fixed bug with mouse tracking in case of Scenery Project outside of scenery project bounds

SASL 3.0.0 (Final)

  • Made <Execute Command> button generate commands calls with different stages, based on mouse button state  
  • Fixed hiding cursor for panel components when corresponding option is selected
  • Fixed global option to use 2d panel setup 
  • Fixed bug with getting size of array property
  • Fixed startup crash on Windows in some cases (Commercial version)

SASL 3.0.0-rc4

  • Fix commands execution via Commands Tab in SASL Widget
  • Add functions to draw wide Bezier lines:
  • A couple of fixes for poly-lines and convex polygons drawing
  • Text positioning more smooth now
  • Fixed a few bugs in arcs drawing (there was a huge bug causing hundreds unnecessary vertices on every call)
  • Logging on loading now more laconic
  • Added new options for popups, which will adapt popups after XP Window resize
  • Fixed text outline positioning
  • Removed legacy unnecessary bitwise operations functions (<bitand>, <bitor>, <bitxor>)
    Use <bit> package functional supplied with LuaJIT.
  • Fixed generating mouse hold events for right and middle mouse buttons
  • Added global reload SASL commands which will reload all available SASL instances
  • Add Lua function to load .OBJ objects asynchronously



Download SASL-v2.6.1
(64 bit only)

SASL 2.6.1:

  • Update DRM system (Commercial version)

SASL 2.6.0:

  • Added ability to draw components on panel in lit and non-lit phases (ported from SASL3)
  • Update DRM system (Commercial version)

SASL 2.5.1:

  • Added support for <onPlaneCrash> Lua callback for components (ported from SASL3)

SASL 2.5.0:

  • Switched to static runtime. C++ Redist is no more required.
  • <Next> and <Back> buttons now disabled in activation dialog after successful activation (Commercial version)
  • Implemented new security (Commercial version)


Legacy versions

Docs and Manuals:

Download SASL v3 manual 

Download SASL v2 manual

Download SASL v2.x changelog

Lua 5.1 Reference Manual



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